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Which Security Clearance For Cyber Security Jobs?

3 Mar 2017
Cyber security jobs can prove to be extremely rewarding and prolific; however the nature of many cyber security job roles can be extremely hush-hush. Of course, for some cyber security jobs, some form of security clearance is a must. Read more...

The Importance of Cyber Security

1 Feb 2017
Cyber Security has been the buzzword of recent years as the scale of cyber-crime has dramatically increased, alongside the severity of these crimes. Still wondering about the importance of Cyber Security? Here’s why it’s an issue that everyone should be taking seriously… Read more...

The Cyber Security Job Outlook 2017

8 Dec 2016
As we move towards the end of 2016 and with Christmas and the New Year fast approaching, it’s time to take a look at what the next 12 months may have in store for cyber security careers. Read more...

The Problem With Data Privacy in the Internet of Things

15 Jul 2015
With a purported impact of around $11.1 billion year on year by 2025, ubiquitous computing (or Internet of Things) is set to comprise 11% of the world economy. This year, 2015, it is predicted that the world will have 25 billion connected devices, 25 million of which are designed specifically for use in the home. Its official, the age of interconnected devices has arrived. Read more...

Inside Job: Social Engineering and Corporate Cyber Security

30 Jun 2015
 Even the least technically minded among us are, by now, well aware of the necessity for Cyber Security. Read more...

Shared Infrastructure and the Risk to our Data

26 Jun 2015
We create it every day and it says more about us than virtually anything else. Read more...

Cyber Security: The Next Generation

2 Jun 2015
“Cyberspace is woven into the fabric of our society, it is integral to our economy, our communities and our security.”  Rt. Hon. Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones Read more...

Big Data Analytics and Pre-Crime: Minority Report Come to Life

25 May 2015
Pre-Crime in present day. The Tom Cruise film 'Minority Report' comes to life as Big Data Analytics launches the UK into the future... Read more...

It's All Fun and War Games

16 Jan 2015
2014 saw the biggest wave of Cyber-attacks and hacking in modern history, with a seemingly never-ending slew of privacy breaches and information theft. Read more...

Tracking the Progress of the Shellshock Bug

30 Sep 2014
It seems the whole cyber industry has been hit hard by the emergence last week of the Shellshock bug. Read more...

The importance of Cyber Security Jobs

9 Apr 2014
Cyber security has been flagged as an urgent requirement across all industries in the UK due to the high risk of cyber attacks to our private and public sectors.  Read more...

The different routes into Cyber Security Infographic

16 Mar 2014
This infographic is a fantastic explanation of the different routes into cyber security, courtesy of Thatcher MCS, one of our featured recruiters.   Read more...

The risk Social Media poses to our Cyber Security

20 Feb 2014
With the government making cyber security a high priority in 2014, there are key factors which are harming organisations' cyber security which must be addressed.  Read more...

Protecting Businesses Cyber Security

15 Jan 2014
As a new year begins, concerns about Cyber Security continue. Read more...

Testing our financial industry's cyber security

11 Nov 2013
It has recently been announced that all our high street banks will be put to the test by launching a cyber threat exercise this month.  Read more...

Shortage of Cyber Security Professionals

18 Oct 2013
It has been announced that the world requires 21 million cyber security professionals  to protect against the many cyber threats we are currently faced with.   Read more...

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